The Great Reset Concerns: Beck’s Warnings

Glenn Beck has been vocal about his concerns regarding “The Great Reset,” branding it a “DESTRUCTIVE movement.” As the world grapples with economic challenges and the aftermath of the pandemic, Beck highlights that the global economy is still suffering. He warns that “The Great Reset” could potentially lead to a concentration of power, where a select few could own and control vast resources. While proponents of the initiative talk about addressing pressing issues, Beck questions whether the proposed changes truly benefit the majority, as he believes only three percent of the world’s population would be involved in shaping the course of action. For many people, the uncertainty surrounding “The Great Reset” raises concerns, leaving them uneasy about the implications of such significant changes. As the debate continues, individuals are carefully considering their perspectives and may find themselves switching stations to seek alternative viewpoints.

Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s TERRIFYING Next Phase

At important meetings in 2021 and 2022, powerful leaders from government, finance, media, and business who support the World Economic Forum’s plan for a Great Reset of capitalism launched a new “call to action” titled the “Great Narrative.”

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This DESTRUCTIVE movement is why the economy is STILL suffering

Glenn Beck

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I want to talk to you about
this degrowth movement that is going on
so if we roll things back uh to the way
things used to be how many people are
going to be happy well they claim that
you’ll be happy you’ll love it and you
won’t own anything
you may be temporarily happy or maybe
you’re happy because you’re drugged or
maybe you’re happy because you just live
in the metaverse but I can tell you
won’t be happy generationally because
the only way to change your station is
the American way which you know happened
in 1776 and changed the world it was the
only place you could go and
and succeed if you weren’t from a family
uh of you know Farmers you before you
couldn’t succeed if you were a farmer
you couldn’t own the farm then own the
plant and everything else you stayed in
your station
and that’s the way it was always and the
only reason why our parents and
grandparents got better is because they
could own something they could own land
they could own property they could own
stock and those things grew over time
and they could change their station they
didn’t once poor you didn’t have to stay
poor well now we’re planning on degrowth
now let me just ask you
what was the biggest problem
with the Coronavirus
what was the
who was who was hurt the most seven
million people died yes
then who was hurt the most
I would say it was the small business
I would say that it was the American way
of life and that is not being told by
the federal government what you must and
must not do
uh and I would say the supply chain
you know we will never get the supply
chain back there’s no way to restart it
the way it was we’ll never
get it back and what we had was damn
near perfect
it was a pipe dream I think in the long
run because they didn’t consider
disruptions just like the banks you know
we’re not considering economic collapse
the central Reserve they’re saying oh no
there’s no the dollar is not going
anywhere no one will plan for
catastrophic collapse and so they didn’t
and there was catastrophic collapse I
believe that was mainly engineered
so that supply chain stopped and it
taught us something very valuable
Go Local
why aren’t we making more steel today
why aren’t we making the thing why isn’t
Ford when they can’t get apart from
overseas why are they just waiting
instead instead of saying you know what
it’s just time to go back to making it
because they believe that that’s coming
back because that’s not coming back
that’s not coming back
why is it everything is being dismantled
we’re dismantling our energy without
replacing it with whatever magic dust we
are supposed to have by now
we’re destroying everything
I’m gonna tomorrow ask James Lindsay to
be a part of the uh part of the program
because he just uh tweeted out something
over the weekend degrowth equals
neo-communism and they’re pushing it
right now and he had a cover of monthly
review The Independent socialist
magazine and it has stories in it
planned to growth
eco-socialism and sustainable human
development the ecosocialist mode of
cooperation on technology and degrowth
Democratic planning for degrowth nine
thesis on ecosocialist degrowth
the degrowth is what’s happening to us
right now
that is truly what is happening
and that is intentional
if you couldn’t bring the rest of the
world up to American Standards what you
need to do is bring America down and the
west down to everybody else’s standard
and if you happen to believe that the
West stole everything they have then
it’s only makes sense that you would
want to take their wealth punish them
because there is no forgiveness in this
religion punish them and take their
money and give it to other countries
now while we’re all we’re all realizing
that the system is broken
while we all know that 19 out of the 21
Pharmaceuticals that we get the main
ingredients that we get
are no longer had in America they’re
that 80 I think it’s about 80 percent of
all Pharmaceuticals come from overseas
why isn’t Pfizer
why why aren’t these big American uh
making new factories here
how come
that would seem logical to me
why aren’t we talking about a national
movement to reopen steel mills when most
of our steel comes from overseas
because they are not planning on any
their target is two to three percent
inflation three percent inflation if you
have three percent inflation over 10
years your dollar loses 40 percent of
its value
wait in 10 years everything I’ve saved
loses almost 50 percent of its value
it’s like 38 cents on every dollar are
you kidding me
and that’s acceptable to us
no they’re just counting on you not
Ford reported uh in March they were
going to lose three billion dollars on
electric cars in 2023.
they’re now saying it’s 4.5 billion
dollars they’re going to lose
I’m going to talk about this later this
week but
why would you do that
as a country as a company why would you
continue to up the ante when your
division is losing 4.5 billion dollars
and it appears as though
their goal of 2 million annual cars
is not going to be reached
in fact the sales numbers are going down
EV sales for four drop 2.8 for the
quarter it’s Mustang went down 21.1
percent it’s e-transit electric van went
down 23.8 percent 25 percent any
reasonable capitalist Cuts their losses
and says no no we’re not expanding this
now while that is happening nobody’s
buying these things they’re wildly
expensive they’re more dangerous and we
we know for a fact we don’t have the
power grid to supply energy to all of
these cars
Connecticut announces that they’re
joining Rhode Island Maryland New Jersey
and New Mexico to adopt tough rules to
ban the sale of fossil fuel powered
vehicles by 2035.
so you won’t be able to buy anything
but a hydro or I mean an electric
by 2035
what is that in the people’s best
or is that how you get the Zill from the
former Soviet Union you’re making cars
that no one wants but you force people
to buy them
you know I said I think it was in
the first year we were just finding out
about it it was end of January
I had heard about this pandemic in China
in December
we started talking about it January 1st
and by the end of January
I said Don’t Fear the virus
Don’t Fear the virus
fear the effects of this virus
and not life and death I think that will
be the smallest casualty
turns out
I think that might be true when we were
told billions would die
hundreds of millions would die
no no that wasn’t true
billions did not die
but the thing that keeps so many people
was shut down
and now before it even can come back
they’re talking about doing more damage
to it
when you read the book dark future
there is no other conclusion that you
can come to other than
you are not important to the global
if we really would learn our lesson we
would we all know we all know
the solution is
deglobalization okay
but they’re not de-globalizing they say
they’re deglobalizing but they’re not
they’re just making sure that every
single Community answers to a global
so a a bigger Global machine is going to
and it’s going to control all of the big
Financial firms all of the big
corporations and it will make sure that
you cannot do the things that would keep
your local community safe
you don’t believe me read dark future or
if you want to have a lighter look at it
still the same information but
I mean I had to make it funny uh dark
future the audio version both available
wherever you’re by your books or if
you’re going to buy a hard copy may I
suggest you try is how you can buy this
book locally through people who own
their own bookstores

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