Curtis Sliwa just served AOC and the democrats their walking papers?

In summary, the speaker takes an anti-immigration stance and promises direct action against liberal politicians and their policies supporting immigration and sanctuary cities.


Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

to willingly head into the middle of that. Well, I gotta let you know, you’re gonna expect more of that. I’m the leader of the rebels. I’m not the politician who goes out and gives speeches or the lawyers who go in the court to seek preliminary injunctions against migrant centers. We’re gonna tie this city up in knots. They’ve allowed an illegal invasion into our city, our state and our country. Politicians only give speeches, so you’re seeing the rage of people. And what AOC, look at her on the face. AOC allowed crazy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who encourages this invasion, who stopped Amazon from providing good paying jobs to Americans. She’s talking about the need for illegals to work. She was stunned because in that crowd, she saw moderate Democrats, not just Republicans in independent. The rage has spread, and these elected officials thought that we’re all just sheep going, eh eh eh eh. They can forget about that. We’re coming after all of them. Every last one of them who supports illegal aliens invading America, who we don’t know, we know nothing about. At the borders, they’re gonna pay a price at the ballot box. Curtis, take a listen to a New York City resident earlier. Today, his name’s David. Get your response on the other side. Hi, family members, waiting seven long years in Colombia. They filed legal petitions. What message are you sending to the world? Break the law, Tom. We give you everything free. When you talk about this invasion at a systemic level, who are you talking about specifically? We’re talking about all those first generation immigrants who had to wait online as David said, who were patiently abiding by the rules, many of whose family members are still back in their country of origin. You imagine how they feel that all of these people that we don’t even know get to jump the queue, they haven’t been vaccinated, no medical checks, they haven’t been invaded. And then our elected officials in sanctuary states and cities. By the way, there are no lords that say you’re a sanctuary city or state. Call ICE thugs, demean them, won’t let them cooperate with police and the criminal justice system. They bend over backwards for the illegals and expect us to suck attack payers to pay the bill. Well, it ain’t happening anymore. We need ICE. We need border security. We need close borders. And we need to change the political status of those who declare sanctuary cities and sanctuary states for illegals. And meantime, we have veterans in the street, mostly African-Americans. They live in the parks and the subways in the streets. Many of them have emotionally disturbed issues. They get nothing. They have to show up at a shelter. There’s a curfew. Illegal aliens, there’s no curfew. I get to smoke weed, drink, survey, attack payers, expense right up and down the streets on motorvikes, investments. Where did they get the money for this? Americans are outraged. Democrats, Republicans, and independents, and AOC, she doesn’t understand that because the princess is never out in the streets anymore. She’s up in the streets, suites getting wine dined in pocket lined. All right, Curtis, thanks for taking time with us. This afternoon, we’re gonna leave it there. It isn’t just the beginning of many more actions to come. You watch. All right, well, Democratic president.

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