Monkey Werx US, Mapping the Battlefield

Overall, Monkey Werx analysis of military operations, the economy, government overreach, foreign affairs, and his prediction that major conflict/instability is likely in the next year.

He discusses the number of military aircraft currently flying over the US, surveying flights, Russian military movements, weather modification, shipping/port activity, the economy, Ukraine war, and more. He shares opinions that the economy is slowing, war with Russia seems likely in the next year, and the government is preparing to restrict free speech.

He talks about hurricane risk, low strategic oil reserves, ammunition shortages, and potential upcoming lockdowns. He speculates on various military operations based on flight tracking. Furthermore, he provides updates on immigrant transportation flights and talks about police misconduct.

The Countdown Has Begun – SITREP 9.06.23

thank you all right hey folks most pick apps monkey here let’s talk comms for a minute if you’ve watched what has been happening in Maui uh when the power went down the cell towers went down and nobody had the ability to communicate and that went on for weeks and I will tell you hurricane season yeah these hurricanes come in whether it’s uh a fire whatever it may be any kind of natural disaster if the cell towers get knocked out via power your comms don’t work that’s why you got to get your hands on a satellite phone because these are the answer in the solution it’s why the Senators are getting their hands on it so why the military uses them because when things go south they have the ability to reach out and touch someone in an encrypted manner from anywhere on the planet 24 7 and uh these things will always work for you let me tell you uh the satellite phone folks have made it easy on you you go over to that’s uh they’ve got some killer bundles going on right now you can see these off the grid solar kit that’s a little solar panel comes with a 95.55 phone I just showed you here and a little Faraday ouch to protect it from emps same thing here you’ve got this uh Power bundle that comes with the ecoflow river 2 portable power station and a large Faraday bag the Iridium 955 phone those include 100 minutes of tech or text and then if you want to just go big you got these 95 75 phones which are really nice and um buy one get one on them so anyway remember that or you can call them at 941-955-1020 and tell them monkey sent you that’s it God bless monkey out all right well this is gonna be our sit rep here it is hump day about 11 A.M Central Time coming to you from the great state of Texas live in the Monkey Lounge and so let’s uh get into the Deets this is going to be an interesting one folks uh just looking at all the data looking at the things the rumbling that I’m hearing uh at just I I think we’ve got about a year before things go really like vertical in terms of exponentially off the chains stupid and uh I say that because uh I’m basing that on we’ve got an election that’s coming up I don’t think they’re going to allow Trump to get in there he is dude’s not even showing up for you know any of these events and uh you know he’s just getting pounded by the doj and all the the court systems around the country uh you know four arrests so far I mean they’re throwing everything they can at him to stop him from being able to run because he’s running away with it and again he’s not even showing up and he’s still just way over everybody else in terms of polls so I just don’t think they’re going to let us get to that point right I think they’ll put the war act into play and I think the stuff between Russia and China and the US I think it’s going to be heated up by then uh this is some interesting times to say the least okay but uh let’s get into the data and uh just kind of peel that onion for you so you can see I say onion let’s peel that banana yeah there we go that’s a little better all right here we go this is going to be our current up right now we have got 416 Mill aircraft up right now over the United States and that all you’re seeing on the screen currently are the tankers the air refuelers which uh let’s see 37 of those that’s a pretty high number but uh we’ve taken out almost a hundred actually a little over a hundred uh trainers so the t-38 lawn darts and the the text twos those have already been pulled out that still gives us a 416 number which is that’s pretty astronomical so you can see where all of the data is let me do this um bring that down a little bit less I’m going to take away the tags on these so you can really see where the flying again down here to the Texas border all right I’m telling you when you’re you’re supporting Fighters down in this region it’s because something is happening on the other side of that border that we want to have some type of influential uh you know eyes on okay Florida again all over Tampa area Central Florida East Coast very active and busy then we go up the west or the Eastern Seaboard sorry that’s also getting very active today and across the middle United States western West the West Coast isn’t really popping just yet it will as the date continues on you’ll start to see that air refueling traffic pop out on this side so okay but let me uh take these away and uh take away the tracks or the traces on those and then you can see this is where we are from a military perspective right now and it’s uh it is very very busy quite busy 416 uh showing okay all right so let me do this let’s get into uh this peeling the banana all right uh it’s gonna be our watch list now a lot of aerial survey aircraft up we’re going to take those out of the out of the the mix up here for a minute and uh notice the the loom balloons or the mill Intel balloons notice they’re not over the Southern California side anymore it’s gonna be one of the phoenix birds taking them out to China Lake uh the engineers to work a couple of Texas DOT Down On the Border and uh but yeah those those loon balloons or the NSA balloons have disappeared on us they’re still up there but they’ve disappeared Sam flight that’s going to be one of your blue and whites more than likely or just a white uh but it’s uh headed down south and then let’s see it’s headed towards Guantanamo Bay actually 83 Century off the east coast well maybe p8 there in the middle and then Homeland Security to the north there near Duluth Minnesota area I think or over that’s that general area another E3 Sentry so it looks like the E3 sentries are the flavor right now you can see another one there to the uh I guess over turkey kind of so that’d be a little NATO move and then Israel b703 we’re gonna look closer at those that’s a j star that’s a multi-purpose but that one’s kind of uh out over the Mediterranean uh towards Egypt side of the house and then of course the Turkish drones that’s a Russian plane and it’s a weird plane I don’t really get it notice the engine mounts look to be on the top of the wing which is that’s strange really yeah all right and then this this is going to be uh one of the Navy birds out of a rock it looks like all right okay let’s look at intelligence aircraft south of Arizona Tucson that’s the intelligence Community there a bunch of forward Observers and then some stuff some moves that are down in the Carolinas and some getting some eyes on things over the DC Philly area and then up there in the Northeast we got a transition it looks like let me back that up a little bit you can see a broken Trace here one-headed outbound that disappeared and then the other headed on across the looks like we’ve got two new Mill Intel aircraft headed that way and then notice too again same areas that they continue to look at Belarus at kaliningrad and then over in Sweden they’re looking out at the Baltic Sea and you get down a little further looking at Crimea Moldova and then this right here over Israel and Jordan notice it’s coming out looks like Portugal Spain kind of area headed in to that General region or out I can’t tell which way it’s going there based on the trace but then you got some work going on down in Saudi Arabia nothing down in Australia nothing down under all right let’s go over to the surveys although we do have some stuff going on in Philippines in terms of of the Intel stuff which is pretty regular all right surveys oh Oahu is getting a lot of survey traffic I’m going to show you something that’s going to blow your mind here in a minute so pay attention this is crazy all right notice we got a couple transitions we got the normal stuff uh Southern California down near La there’s a lot of people down there San Diego that side of the world San Francisco and you get up headed up towards Portland uh towards Washington State we get over to the East Coast actually look over Detroit look at the North Area there is that are they is there a river there or that roads what are they looking at that’s kind of a weird shape for a survey but they’re fine-tuning the data that’s what I I think is going on here North Carolina right notice that survey line back and forth right very very busy uh for that area and then Florida is just getting a lot um so again I think they’re mapping a battlefield folks I think they’re they’re getting the grids down the AI is basically I say AI let’s start calling it Alpha Indigo okay because I’ll get flagged over here on the on the tube if I do that okay so Alpha indigo is very intricate in pulling this data together and um it’s uh I think that’s how they’re able to compile it so quickly and they’re going back out reason you see extended runs is because they’re going back out to polish that data because the uh the alpha indigo is um basically got some gaps okay and then out over the water again I don’t know what is going on out over in that general area north of Tripoli over the water but they definitely are wanting some daily eyes on that and then of course look at Australia all the way from Brisbane to Sydney all the way down south to Melbourne and again it’s uh you know you just gotta make you wonder right what all these things have in common okay now let me show you this because this is going to be something that’s going to split your your your your brain in half okay since January I I went to Sky glass and said dude can you just give me some total roll-up numbers where are we on this 437 aircraft since January pay attention more to the takeoffs we’ve lost some data somewhere in there in terms of takeoff and landings those numbers should match uh the total that’s a that’s a roll up between the takeoffs and Landing so don’t pay any attention to that but just take offs alone if you take that data the survey flights now keep in mind that this is only the areas we’ve been tracking there’s some in Europe I would imagine there are a lot more that we haven’t found but just based on the ones over the United States over Alaska Hawaii and then over in Europe Limited in Europe okay and then in Australia we’ve got 31 322 survey flights since January let that sink in for a minute they are up to something like I said I think they’re mapping a battlefield but 31 000 and we I guarantee it’s probably 2x that because we don’t have the data I I had a hard time there’s companies in Germany doing it but I can’t find them in the database there’s companies in Africa doing it and I can’t get them in the database because uh the way their tail number or registration numbers are it’s just really wonky that we know they’re doing it we just can’t get them into the database so I can compile it in my watch list so just based on 437 aircraft there’s probably 800 aircraft if I had to guess around the world that are doing this okay 31 000 since January astronomically High number typically they don’t even start doing surveys until the fall around October because the trees lose their leaves and they get really good lidar data when the when the trees don’t have leaves on them okay it gives them a very clear precise image so here we go we haven’t even hit the season yet and this is where we are okay back over to my mini board and uh let’s uh get into the rest of the data so we talked about the surveys let’s talk about the rooskis for a minute and uh just notice you got one popping down there to the to the Eastern side of the Black Sea that’s Crimea we just looked at and most of it is all stemming out of Moscow and you’ll notice we got a couple flights that are headed eastbound out of Moscow these are all either dignitaries or um Russian Air Force okay notice some some touch and goes there little hops headed that direction out to the east notice it goes out to China all right and uh and then notice to uh to the Eastern side of Russia over there towards uh the Alaskan Aleutian Islands all right okay now we’re gonna change it up we’re gonna look at energy just because they’ve got a fleet aircraft where are they what are they doing I just thought I’d throw that in there just for the heck of it uh just notice where they’re headed all right these are the guys that control all your nuclear facilities um it also you have sniffers that are mixed into that okay but uh just notice the flights and then you get up here DC area in and out a little bit there in the Dakotas okay again this is Department of energy right now let’s get into this piece which is uh well actually you know what let me come back to that let’s look at the b703 these are your joint Stars and last 30 days and I want to point this out these are the guys that shape the battlefields notice where they’re looking remember we we’ve been talking about a lot of stuff happening down south towards Baja Southern California out over the water they’re looking at something they’re worried about something that’s the same location we saw the NSA balloons headed down four of them okay and then look at this that’s uh again their their map and Battlefield stuff if you’re not familiar with this aircraft let me just take you to it real fast okay but this is going to be the J star all right it’s a E8 Charlie joint star or the J star known it uh stands for joint surveillance target attack radar system or joint star it is an Airborne battle management command and control intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance platform all right primary mission is to provide theater ground and air commanders with ground surveillance to support attack operations or targeting that contributes to the delay disruption or destruction of enemy forces all right just kind of give you a little little low down now we go back over here and then I’m going to bring this forward fast forward it to this piece right here and just take a look at what’s going on in Israel with their E8 joint Star right just notice that it’s the last 30 days remember they are doing just that they’re mapping the battlefield so we start talking about these attacks going on in their country they are right over the top of all of it okay now we get into Noah all right let’s talk a little bit about weather weather mod we’re going to talk uh this is the latest this is a U2 that is operated by NOAA notice where it is located right off the coastline probably if I had to guess that one’s looking at lidar in the water maybe looking at some earthquake fault lines or things like that something down in that General region just guessing could be looking at water temps I mean there’s no telling but um and then of course we’ve got them moving up to this general area now pay attention to this one notice where it is over coming in and out of Duluth Minnesota all right that is important because uh if you let me hit pause for a second all right pay attention to this now we go over to this area notice where that’s the NOAA right these are the guys that get their hand in the cookie jar got caught spraying pink stuff in the sky been doing contrails and all the other science stuff in the sky now take a look at Duluth right here uh when we get over to this side of it this is uh that’s the area they’re flying in and out and doing their little stuff around all right then notice all of this mess over here to this side right which way is the wind temp going uh if you look at the the the the wind directions okay this is a jet stream but just notice that the wind flow right this is Duluth coming right out over this general area okay and then we go back and look look where it just pulls it right in so whatever they do here happens here but then it goes out here too right so if you’re in those general areas just note you’re probably going to have some interesting weather it just seems to happen every time these guys do their thing doesn’t it all right there is that piece of it now let’s go back we’re going to get into uh the rest of uh let’s talk weather mod for a minute pay attention to this one down towards off the coastline there of Eugene Oregon and then you get over here to Texas near Midland Texas right doing a little spray and trying to get some some storms generated and uh New Orleans you’re probably getting some rain down in that general area as well okay and uh and then we get up to this side of it you can see over New York again but notice this too all right Saudi notice where the location is down towards South towards Yemen all right now we’re going to go look at the maps take a gander here let me button that up let’s go over to Saudi let’s zoom in and uh notice look at this all the way down into Yemen right this is the area they’re spraying and that is the company called weathermod LLC all right so that’s not like some you know just random whatever it may be and there’s that area near Duluth they’ve got some weird boxes we’re going to look at that here in just a second the interesting thing too is notice the the we get back into the the wind directions and it’s really a strange jet stream it’s kind of all over the place we’ll look at that closer here right now just so you can see um let’s go to my radar we’ll come back to the water temps here in a second but let me back it up and I want you to just take a look at the the jet stream right look at this the flow coming in out from the south up headed in it’s just split it’s going all over the place you got this low pressure here now this is where it’s going to get really really interesting you’ve got a hurricane that’s getting ready to go I mean Richter it’s going to be Cat 4 hitting this area and then they stop showing where they think it’s going to go from here because you’ve got this it’s probably going to slow it down I don’t think it’s going to hook it and take it North to the extreme the problem is when you have a head a headwind coming into these storms it could either weaken it or it could slow it down significantly so that it has time to gain a lot of strength okay that becomes important because as we break away from this you start looking at water temps this is where it’s expected this temp right here in the bright area that’s 95 degree water temp this is 90 and this is I think 85. so you’re in the 80s you’re going to hit this area right where it starts to slow down and it’s going to be just given that thing so much fuel so we have to keep our eye on that but if you’re on the East Coast yeah better be paying close attention because if that thing doesn’t get misdirected Northbound and it comes into the Carolinas or even North yeah it could be pretty pretty severe given the water temps okay again Ryan Hall y’all that’s your that’s gonna be your go-to for weather not me but uh anyway let’s break away from that standpoint uh let’s get into flashbang all right it looks like he’s talking to the unions today he’s talking about the ports we’re going to get in take a closer look at the ports like I’ve said before there is some I mean the ports have slowed down significantly in the last year they’re not they don’t have the 117 backed up sitting off the shoreline it’s all gone away all right we get over here to the Marine side of the house and um you’re gonna notice these are this is the Long Beach in La Port right here notice these are parked these are oil vessels off the side off the coastline you can see them you know from the beach same thing with these right here but this that’s not a lot of ships sitting in there and most of these are not this one may be China um but uh destination doesn’t really say where it came from but a lot of these there’s a China so there’s only a handful maybe a half a dozen ships from China so we back it up and let me just show you the flows right you see a couple Ships coming in look like they’re headed into Long Beach you got some here look like they’re headed towards San Francisco all right but if you back it up and look at the flow notice it’s going right past us okay it used to come most of it I mean it was split and it would come into here it would come into here uh California it’s going right past us it’s headed down south right and remember the the E8 joint stars and the um NSA intelligence balloons were all over this right here in this area right looking at the stuff flowing in and out wonder why maybe they’re concerned that some of these ships may have uh some soldiers or equipment coming down here into Mexico gotta make you wonder what’s going on down here we got fighters and we got you know potential build up in Mexico I don’t know we’ll have to continue to watch it but I will tell you NSA DOD and everybody and their brothers watching this flow right here very closely and they have been all right uh oil tankers and the red Greener cargo ships again you can see Flows In and Out the oil seems to be the only thing coming and going through here and then everything else looks to be headed down here into South America and then a little bit up the East Coast but it is not it is not what it used to be okay now yeah this is interesting so Biden did I say the b word my sincere apologies let’s go flashbang okay flashbang sees a 30-point uh drop in approval from black voters in the latest poll uh yeah he basically the Washington Post uh basically found that just 52 percent of black respondents approved of uh flashbang’s performance as president down from 82 percent it’s a 30-point dip and uh they say that and let me tell you let’s get into this piece as he prepares for re-election so I’m going to tell you from a very reliable source uh this guy is always over the target gave me some some data points that uh my understanding is that uh Dr flashbang AKA his uh other half exec one is uh telling folks that he is absolutely 100 not going to be running uh for re-election in 2024. so I would say our window is probably about 90 days before that probably comes out and then you’ll probably see someone like Newsom and Big Mike coming into uh the arena if I had to guess all right but I think uh they’re they’re just they’re saying it’s mental sharpness to serve as president it’s just it isn’t there and we see that so um again very reliable source I would imagine uh over the next 90 days You’re Gonna probably see him kind of bow out of this and start to support a different candidate yeah what a bummer huh it’s a bummer in fact if if you get Newsome and big mike in there but uh yeah this guy doesn’t have a shot like I said last time but all right let’s move on here we go and now uh analysts basically are saying the U.S banks hold 3.3 trillion dollars in cash amid banking crisis and a Slowdown that they are worrying about this uh U.S lenders are holding on to large piles of cash as insurance against a slowing economy we’ve been talking about that’s coming um continuing deposit outflows and the looming tougher liquidity rules that could particularly impact mid-sized Banks so this is going to become more and more critical because when the economy slows down people are going to start to default on their loans they’re going to you’re going to see bankruptcy filings go up you’re going to see um lenders start to Tire tighten up the restrictions the fed’s already talking about upping the interest rate which I think is stupid at this point intentionally tanking the economy in my opinion but um anyway that is on the horizon and uh this right here is yet another sign just like the the ships not coming to our ports and uh and the fact that these folks are hoarding cash uh tells you that they are worried about riding out quite the storm ahead speaking of storms oil prices jump as Russia and Saudi cut their uh their oil production yet again they’ve extended it this is pretty bad because remember the Strategic petroleum Reserve that the U.S has that we use in the event of you know disruptions or War for that matter is is at an all-time low in fact it’s at the lowest it has been since its Inception in 1982. that means folks that uh if they don’t get our strategic Reserve levels back up and we go to war we’re going to be uh out of out of fuel here pretty quickly in the United States it’s going to be crazy crazy all right so that said doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon and we’ll just have to keep our eye on it but that is not good news for our spr here in the United States all right U.S funded war in Ukraine costs more in one day than Biden is sending to Maui let that one sink in they’re saying uh this guy that just got ousted as the defense minister for Ukraine made the comment that they’re spending approximately 100 million dollars a day on its war against Russia not them not they us that’s U.S money that is spending 100 million a day because we can’t let this stronghold go yeah deep State’s scrambling all right and so uh that sum exceeds more than the 95 million dollar total that flashbang wants to send to Maui after the fires let that sink in so we spend more in one day than what flashbang is sending over to uh Maui in total sad pretty sad all right like I said the countdown begins uh I say that because we’ve got a little over a year until the next election and I think we’re going to see a lot of things change between now and then including lockdowns including all the other stuff that we’re hearing rumors of okay nuclear strike on us threatened by Russian State TV this one I’ve I’m just going to read the article I think it is is a pretty powerful data point for all of us okay but um this editor of the National Defense paper in in Russia says the most important message we should send to Americans is that we will not wage war with you in Europe all right that becomes very important if you know Ezekiel 38 you know that a lot of the Nations within Europe are all part of the Gog Magog attack on Israel so that tells you that stuff is still intact okay in response to your attacks on Russian military and civilian facilities the first strike will be a preventative limited strike against Targets on the territory of the United States of America okay that is the goal that could be why we ain’t around when Ezekiel 38 kicks off but that’s another data point for you right like I’ve said in the past Russia continues to talk up nuclear nuclear nuclear on a very frequent basis remember we just talked about their Satan II missile that just went into combat mode and uh that thing has 15 Warheads 750 uh megatons no it’s not a Megaton kiloton sorry 750 kiloton Warheads which is uh again you compare that to Hiroshima hiroshimo is about 10 kilotons so 750 kilotons that’s a pretty big bomb and uh oh by the way that thing travels 000 miles an hour all right sixteen thousand mile an hour nuke you’re not gonna stop it right here we go Socom to deploy Argus Alpha Indigo to scour social media for disinformation misinformation and Mal information all right just note this folks they are getting ready to take away your First Amendment right anything that goes out there that they don’t want you knowing or hearing or talking about they’re going to basically block it take it out under the auspice of national security so just like everything we do here uh the things we talk about yeah probably be a Target here saying about 12 months before this gets rolling out but yeah the dod is getting fully engaged in that um actually Zero Hedge did a big article write-up called go deep um that talks a lot about this that you’ll have to go in and read if you’re you know just Google search go deep article on that particular platform you’ll find it but yeah not good and they’re saying too that uh it gets worse there’s a private sector version right so that’s DOD side of the house um that they have also revealed will launch an Enterprise version of The Argus social for disinformation detection later this year so that’s coming out uh just in the nick of time for uh the lockdowns okay so again uh Alpha Indigo software will will provide protection for Urgent customer pain points against Alpha Indigo generated synthetic media again I don’t say the even the term short-term acronym for that because that is what controls everything over on YT if you know what I’m saying all right yes I don’t want us talking folks that’s exactly what’s going on all right let’s take a look as we get into the uh the economic side of the house this again Baltic index dry index when you look at the ships moving um and you want to know what’s really on those ships this tells you what’s not on those ships it tells you why there’s so many ships that are still sitting and not active if we back this up and we get over here towards China and um and you start to look at the amount of stuff that’s just you know working along that General region but sitting out here and not really engaged um that’s this is why okay the by uh this Baltic dry index is an indicator of what’s on the ships and what’s moving in terms of volume it’s a very good leading indicator on the economic strength okay when it’s up here uh the economy is looking pretty solid or not solid but better okay if we back that up let’s see this is a one day look if I back it up and we get back a few years and you get into it you can see where you know this looked pretty good but really this this is where it would you know should be 3353 and that was in May of 2022 and you can see it has just constantly been taking a dip all the way down 518 is a or about 500 is as low as it has gotten and uh that’s that’s just the economy slugging along look like a little rebound on some buys but it looks to be headed back down this direction okay pay attention to this one because this is a data point and a half for you corrupt billionaire behind zielinski’s rise to fame and power has been arrested all right uh the reason that is important is because uh if you look at um what this guy has been supporting okay so uh kalamoski is one of Ukraine’s wealthiest individuals this is a shot of him right here okay with nearly 1.7 billion dollars he was recently arrested on fraud and money laundering charges coinciding with Ukraine’s efforts to combat entrenched corruption this is all to all for show folks tell I’m telling you um because we’re going to take a look at something a little further about this guy but he was caught for laundering money all right so where have we seen this dude before well um because let’s take a look at something into that very thing but he it was okay and that is uh the fact that uh you remember the uranium one deal right where uh these are most of these guys that are tied to this are our Governors and our our state politicians um it was when the Clinton Foundation basically was pumping uh money out through the state department to individuals who would in turn make a very large donation to The Clinton Foundation all uranium one this goes all the way to Kate Brown in uh you know on the west coast the Feinstein uh it gets into this particular guy who was tied to barisma right that’s uh Whitey Bulger uh Archer Hunter Biden okay all connected the fact this guy was taken down remember the reason they have got him and he was one that was deeply rooted um to the basically you may remember there was a funding back in 2014 I believe it was 2014 when the Obama Administration aka the Kenyan basically overthrew the president the sitting president within Ukraine he was pro-russian and they basically had uh you know they paid or flowed a lot of money into that and that that put these guys in what we see today is antifa their version over there who basically um stirred things up got this guy ousted and uh and then but he is the one that was the money was flowed through him to pay these guys he’s like the Ukrainian Soros all right so um if you haven’t seen there’s a video out that is done by Roger Stone is it Roger Stone um but I think that’s right uh called Ukraine on fire if it’s still out there hasn’t been pulled down go watch it it goes into all of that detail that I just explained but this is the guy he’s been tied to Ukrainian one uh sorry uranium one Ukrainian one may as well be uh uranium one he’s tied to barisma he’s tied to all of the folks that flashbang is tied to okay so anyway looks like they’re doing something to get this guy quiet he’ll probably just disappear all right on to the rest of our stuff here we’re going to get into the no Tams uh we got some interesting things going off out over the Atlantic right now I don’t think this is involved or tied to this hurricane this particular one um there is a box uh this may be hurricane related it is um well maybe not this is tied to a support of a range Hawk so something going on out here rain talk if you’re not familiar with that let’s just pop up and take a look at what it is range Hawks which I’ve never heard of before I guess it’s a global hawk that’s used for something else or uncrewed high altitude so it’s an unmanned drone long endurance aircraft used for collecting Telemetry and other data during flight tests they provide Over the Horizon endurance and flexibility range Hawks are part of Sky range the dod’s test Resource Management Center and they’re used for Missions that can last up to 24 hours during which they travel approximately 8 500 nautical miles so that’s what I notice it looks just like a global hawk so it’s a range Hawk evidently and it will be out over this general area conducting some type of long-term Mission all right and a lot of boxes here another box out over this general area as well uh no features nothing no data and see if this on a pool yeah here’s another one again uh flight level this is where this gets interesting look at the look at the flight level on this 55 000 to 75 000 feet okay so something very high altitude is being deployed out here all right so anyway same thing with this one that’s also high altitude and then again this is the shipping Lane we just talked about as it comes past this looks to be a watch area they got eyes on everything that’s going past this General region okay let’s see if anything else catches my eye oh look at here that is a missile launch they got something going on out over this general area let’s see what it says uh High danger area activated in a low danger area activated look at the altitude on this one holy smokes that right there is that’s outer space right uh that’s up there okay um yeah that’s that’s that’s clicking that’s cruising uh well let’s see actually maybe not that says that doesn’t say flight level that just says feet two thousand feet to uh to ten thousand feet all right well maybe maybe not I thought that was a flight level which would have been out there yeah that’d be satellite Telemetry there so anyway High danger looks like they’ve got a launch of some sort going on out in this general area that they’re doing and some all right and see if anything else catches my eye oh I think that’s good for right now let’s uh move on let’s get into the base operations we do have some stories that’ll kind of dovetail into some of this when we’re looking closer at the base operations but it looks like again we’ve got Omni Eastern coming in uh notice they’re coming in from Indy Columbia South Carolina and Kansas City are the inbounds the outbound is an omni looks to be headed proof field that may I don’t know that could be troops or immigration it depends Omni has mini Masters so they could be doing either or over to Dover got a couple more 747s coming through looks like that one’s headed to Ramstein so it’s in and out headed to Europe and then this Coletta is coming in from Newark New Jersey marijet from down from Miami and we’ll move on this is going to be Ramstein in Germany uh again Atlas Air coming in from Baltimore and this one coming in from Dover we just looked at that on the docket and looks like Colette is headed to outbound Destination Unknown and let me just double check this I feel like yeah that was old data so let me I’m going to do something here while we are I’m going to spend these real fast because I was thinking man that sure does look like last last week’s data or last sit reps data and um yeah we’ll see the Dover piece doesn’t seem to want to change so all right that’s okay Ramstein again uh got one coming in from Cairo one from Baltimore Washington camper flights could be anything C130 coming in from Ramstein these uh look to be actually it looks like coming in but it looks like it just did a round robin in Ramstein that’s at Herky 21. triple seven leaving that’s a camber flight so troops uh that one headed towards Egypt troops more than likely the one headed to Kuwait 747 could be anything maybe troops right we seem to continue to build up in the Middle East and we get over to Germany into um I say that German air force and I’m not seeing anything up at the moment so we got zero from the German air force and then forward operating base uh we do have a couple looks like in and out let me just uh refresh this data and see if it changes any so looking for 747s nothing nothing nothing very very slow on the forward operating Base today and yeah I’m not seeing anything catches my eye and that’s going to be rce Poland so that’s your Ford operating base all right and then this is going to be uh Constanta right that’s that Ford Port operating Port down on the Black Sea again notice a couple of uh top brass coming in from V Spot in Germany and don’t see looks like they’re rolling out to uh belisi all right so all right leave it at that I don’t see anything else that catches my eye here and we’ll move on this is going to be your live camber flights and it looks like we’ve got huh right there that’s an interesting place to put a camber flight very interesting uh remember Yemen’s right here so this is Somalia nah there’s no way oh it’s right very close to Somalia so looks like we got some troops headed into the Horn of Africa and then a couple coming back so pretty active in terms of um the camera flights the interesting thing as you can see them in the air all right but you don’t see them on the board and then over to the Brits looks like they too a little bit more active today again nothing really headed into rze Poland but they look to be putting some stuff parking it in uh Bahrain and appear into looks like that’s over Sweden I believe or or in that general area so could be Finland let me zoom in a little bit lla let’s see what that is a call sign for yeah not want to show Halifax Nova Scotia you know and ref so the BR yeah interesting big another another disconnect in terms of what we’re seeing out there so okay over here to the NATO side I’m not seeing any NATO flights at all on the board we’ll move on omni’s got a couple up looks like they are in Rihanna Sophia and then uh which would be let me just back that up that’s coming out of England to that’s uh Manchester to Toronto uh that’s going to be the UK the Brits moving some Canadians back and forth and the other ones not showing Colorado Springs to Baltimore um interesting interesting yeah so they again the flights here don’t match the stuff we’re seeing here odd very very odd probably not by accident okay National Cargo Anchorage to Chicago and then again don’t they don’t match anything we’re seeing up here on the flight on the flight docket but notice the flights in and out of of Asia out of Hong Kong Etc all right let me go over here to Western Global you’ll just notice this one’s coming out looks to be and let’s see we got Seoul Korea and I don’t even want to try and pronounce that one both of them headed into Anchorage Alaska then one take that took off out of rze Poland so 747 all right now why is that important because read this headline Ukraine Wars depleting U.S ammunition stockpiles sparking Pentagon concern we’ve already been hearing about this but evidently it’s gotten to a whole new level that uh they’re not seeing the replan coming in of the 155 Mike artillery rounds remember we borrowed a half a million of those rounds from uh South Korea and we we they were on loan so as we consume them we’re paying for them so uh that’s you know again they’re saying the level of one type of round that’s the 155 Mike artillery in storage is uncomfortably low that’s coming from a defense official yeah our stuff the replan hasn’t hasn’t been um they haven’t been able to keep up with it as of August 24th the US military said it has provided Ukraine with up to 800 and 6 000 rounds of 155 millimeter artillery ammunition and the US military has declined to say how many rounds it had to start uh or it had at the start of the year yeah they don’t want to tell that number for good reason right I mean that’s that would be national security stuff you don’t want your enemy knowing how much you have but the fact that they’re now saying man I can see dust on the shelves is not good so again pay attention to this one because uh if we are going into a war scenario um we’re running out of stuff to use because we’re giving it all to Ukraine who’s getting smoked not good all right here we go the Immigrant machine just so you can see look at the amount of stuff headed to the interior of our country right these are the Border towns border cities headed southbound but a lot on the north side of our border and then last up this is going to be Jenna this is a DOD and this is going to be the director of the dod looked like he took a little round robin to Louisville Kentucky and um back to DC and I think it’s tied to this right here Louisville police chief says no further discipline will be issued regarding cases listed in a doj report and the lmpd has a pattern of discriminatory policing and identified 60 plus cases of police misconduct and they’re basically saying they’re just going to turn a blind eye on all of this after the doj came in and told him about it so all right well listen that’s going to do it for us at rep today uh again keep uh keep that powder dry and stay frosty because I think we have about a year until the wheels are completely off I’ll be shocked if they’re not before then but um this is the time uh to really really stay focused okay that’s it you got this stay frosty God bless monkey out thank you thanks for watching folks check out the latest gear and products over at Monkey

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