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What Everyone Is MISSING In Biden vs Texas Border Fight | Glenn TV | Ep 330

hello America um I want to talk to you about the Border here for a sec because something’s going on with the Border Texas uh came out and said we’re going to uh take the National Guard and call them for Duty and we’re going to stop this Invasion at our border now everybody’s upset from the Democratic side oh you can’t do that you know that’s the job of the government but the Constitution clearly says it is the job of the federal government unless a governor declares an invas and the government is not doing anything about it then he can call out his own National Guard and secure the border and now so far there’s 25 states that are signed on for this but the administration doesn’t like it we don’t know what’s coming next but I will tell you that I truly believe because I’ve talked to Ken Paxton so many times in the past about this this is a maneuver to get it to the Supreme Court so so the uh the war if you will is fought in the Supreme Court not on our border but I have no idea uh what comes next cuz the people in Washington seem to be crazy but I don’t want you to think that you’re um you’re not in charge everything is beginning to fall apart you’ve got the economy falling apart it doesn’t work all the conspiracy theories January 6 oh it’s a conspiracy theory this think that anybody was you know doing something uh to set those people up really that’s falling part how about the pipe bomber have you heard the news this week from Thomas Massie oh my gosh there’s clearly something going on um our border is an absolute mess um World Health Organization we came out today and uh found out that there uh were memos that right at the beginning of the uh the uh fizer jab there were people in the FDA that said we we can’t release this we we you have to say myocard carditis is a possible after effect because it could happen and they didn’t want to Spook the American people now how many people are dying all of these narratives are completely coming apart but we’re at a Crossroads and I’m not sure if people understand who we’re actually fighting so let me show you what’s really going on first let me just play a couple of pieces of audio here that we have uh from the week this is kamla Harris and what she’s worried about that Donald Trump will do November of of 2024 binary and on the other side you’ve got someone who has said that if he were back in office he would weaponize the Department of Justice someone who has said said that they will go after their political enemies so let’s be really clear about what’s at stake and then yes of course there is then a desire that let’s get out there cuz we can’t lose this democracy we can’t can’t I mean first of all I’m not surprised that was Katie coric on the other end of that who is a complete and total fraud and chill for the left um so you have uh kamla Harris saying that he’ll weaponize wait wait wait what about the pro-life people what about the January 6 people no he saying he’d clean it out and we would actually seek honest fair Justice We’re not gonna we’re not going to so solve any old you know well in uh this guy really spit on my family and I want some justice cuz I’ve been oppressed ever since no real oppression exists it exists today that’s what Justice is trying to balance out there but Justice must be blind so they’re worried about President Trump weaponizing the doj um now let’s talk about the Border President Biden came out today and said he’s never said that the Border was Secure he he has been saying the same thing for 10 years the border is not secure well did you were you aware that all of your surrogates were saying the Border was Secure watch you’re confident this border secure we have a secure border uhhuh and that that is a priority for Any Nation including ours and our Administration uh the border is closed the Border is secure no doubt about it uh our our border is secure the Border remains closed it is not open we are turning away the majority of adults the removal of title anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these Smugglers I want to be very clear our borders are not open there certainly is not an open border uh we are continuing to employ our immigration proceedings and process and restrictions at the border people who cross our B order unlawfully and without a legal basis to remain will be promptly processed and removed the border is secure the fact that the removal of title 42 is happening in just a day or two doesn’t mean that the border is open it just doesn’t mean that the border is secure do you believe that that the border is sec I haven’t belied it for the last 10 years and I’ve said it for the last 10 years do you believe your me the money do you your policies have enabled any of this I’ve asked for okay hang on just a second so he says no I’ve never said that and then I don’t know if this was a senior moment or what he maybe he was talking to a Japanese or I mean a Chinese reporter and he was like give me the money and then he realized oh no we’re talking about the Border or he was saying that I just need Millions more for the Border but uh neither of those work because the Border was the most secure that it had been until the day he was elected and now all of us know it in fact the people in San Diego know it Watch What Happens um in La Hoya California you’re going to see a boat go ahead and play it let me explain it you see that little black dot there that’s a boat that’s one of the like those rubber rafts like our Navy Seals use it’s a rubber raft coming in from God knows where and it’s full of men and they’re all dressed in black and they’re carrying black bags now the people are just filming it they’re like wow I can’t believe I’m I’m seeing an invasion of our country uh let’s film it cuz I can’t do anything about it cuz I’ll be arrested so now somebody did call the police here come the police but there come the guys all dressed in black and they run into the neighborhoods and we don’t know who they are wow our border is secure indeed in fact it’s so secure that let me show you where we’re putting some of these non-existent illegal aliens uh up we’re putting here’s this is the Boston airport where it’s lovely they’re being treated like with dignity you know here we’re just letting them sleep on the floor at the airport God bless who’s paying for their trips to Boston to the airport most likely we are through our tax dollars the government is you know uh the governor of Texas gets accused of oh he’s sending people all over the country yeah like 200 buses they’re loading up airplanes of illegal immigrants I’m sure you have been to an airport where you have seen somebody not required to show their ID because they don’t have any not show anything you got to take your shoes off they got to grab you by the nuts and shove you on the plane where you don’t get any nuts unless you pay for it but they’re fine they can just go on and it’s wonderful even John fedman understands this is a problem watch I honestly don’t understand why it’s controversial to say we we need a secure border uh I’ve been very clear in fact that was weaponized against me as Republicans in my race that I’m very much uh a strong supporter of immigration and you know my my wife’s family that’s the Oregon story about that uh and I think two things can be true at the same time you can be very supportive immigration but we also need to have a secure border and I really I think about immigration is we want to provide the American dream for any migrant but it seems very difficult when you have 300,000 people showing up encountered at at our quarter to do that and I think we need to to re do a reset and we have to work together uh and develop uh a new comprehensive solution to that n he gets don’t over complic over complicated um it’s really simple we had it under control you just enforce the laws we don’t need any new Congressional package or anything else you just enforce the laws by uh the time Joe Biden either is sworn in or Trump becomes um we will have 10 million people who have crossed the border people are upset they want to go down the the uh federal government now is talking about nationalizing the Texas National Guard yada yada yada let me tell you what’s really going on and I don’t have this from the horse mouth I hope to have it on um on the show uh from Ken Paxton he’s the Attorney General but I’ve talked to Ken Paxton on the air so many times he’s the Attorney General of the State of Texas I know how the state of Texas fights why well because I know the governor is was a judge he’s an attorney constitutionalist Ken Paxton he’s an attorney and a very good one and Texas between the two of them have done more lawsuits um against Biden than I think anybody else in any other state and I don’t know if you know this but there’s a lot of lawsuits against uh Joe Biden in the administration and they keep losing them over and over again instead of having a fight on the streets it’s better to have the fight in the court so they didn’t make this case with the razor wire because that’s not what they were saying they were saying uh they were saying you know can the feds cut the wire it was a very simple question question can they cut the Razer wire can they clean up the border the answer was yes they can but there was no slap on the wrist for Texas there was no statement that said Texas can’t put up the razor wire so this is an entirely different story than nationalizing or taking our uh our National Guard here in Texas and saying that we want to uh have the National Guard secure the border the feds can be there God bless you God bless you and you can do whatever you want you’re cutting the wire we’re laying some more wire down and when people come through we’ll stop them we’ll stop them now that is going to cause a constitutional crisis what Greg Abbott and Paxton have done is push this right to the Supreme Court um it’s in the Constitution if the government doesn’t secure the border and there’s an invasion the governor of any state can say this is an invasion and declare their uh National Guard to come out to secure it 25 States now signed up for that so I want you to know we are so close to winning on so many things and we have the election coming up in November that everybody just got to be cool just be cool and that’s going to get harder and harder because most people don’t actually know what they’re fighting against and let me show you on the chalkboard most people when I first started um tracking all of this after fighting against the marxists these These Old 1960s revolutionaries who now infiltrated our education and our government and were doing all kinds of things that only marxists were doing and I talked to you about that on Fox over and over again these are marxists look at this Marxist look at this Marxist the marxists are nothing more than uh well they’re useful idiots that’s what they are they’re useful idiots they think they’re going to be in charge they’re not going to be in charge the rest of us think that Democrats and Republicans that’s what the real fight is about now Republicans are a little uh closer to the truth because they say uh you have the uh the rhinos and the rhinos are really Democrats okay that’s that’s not exactly right so what is actually happening because the Republicans the Democrats the revolutionists the the the Marxist we’re all useful idiots they’re keeping us fighting now let me show you here’s the goal the goal is in the workers we had cheap energy and we had educated workers and so we were sending people to college especially after World War II like never before and in fact it was very unusual for people to go to college outside of their home region or their home area we weren’t going and sending people all across the country and the world what was happening was people would go to college and they would have high school sweetheart and they would marry their high school sweetheart and there was a balance of the elite and the non- elite okay well that broke down we don’t have that anymore so now husband meets wife at University they both have a college degree they now have the same political ideals and that leaves the uh educated workers um kind of behind if they don’t have the Elite Education I’ll explain that here in a second what happened is education became Our God not our goal you had to have that piece of paper you had to have it or you couldn’t get a job your life was over you didn’t go there you can’t do anything that’s untrue universities churned out scientists industrial leaders Educators political leaders and Tech except Tech was kind of off on its own space because a lot of the tech people said I’m not going but they hang out with all of these people and they hire a lot of people that are Eggheads so you have the elites and the super Elites now this is from a poll that was just taken and released and it’s fascinating the elites are people that make $150,000 a year and have at least one post uh graduation degree so you have you know a master’s um in something or you have a doctorate you have at least one uh post-graduate um uh degree the super Elites are the same except they’ve gone to Harvard or Yale or any of the Ivy Leagues that’s the only difference between the elites and the super Elites so they were asked some questions along with the worker you if you didn’t go to Yale or Harvard make $150,000 a year you didn’t get at least one post postgraduate degree then you were asked the same questions and they were questions of should we be rationing gas should we be rationing energy should be we be rationing food uh should we restrict meat cars air travel and do Americans have too many freedoms here’s what they found 70 to and the super Elites were always up in the 80s and those when they asked you 16 to 20% of the non- elites said yeah we should do this so you’ve already you’ve already solved the elites have they’ve already solved we’re getting rid of gas and in fact if if we’re going to put everybody on electricity not even natural gas and we’re going to probably have to ration that at some point but that’s fine oh and food we have to redesign the whole food industry from from seed to fork and people are not going to eat meat anymore they’re not going to have cars if they want frivolous air travel for like a vacation no non-essential air travel and they have too many freedoms and the government knows best that’s what they actually believe they’re not marxists why because they’re in Science and Industry education they’re leaders of C countries and companies they’re designing a whole new world one where migration plays a really big role why I’ll get there here in a second so so you are sitting out here all by yourself and you don’t agree with anything has ever feel like why doesn’t somebody talk to us about this they don’t need you and you’re becoming even less important but in 2008 what was one of the first advisers that Barack Obama brought into the White House it was Cass sunstein you know who he is uh he is the author of the book Nudge he’s a behavioral scientist he studies how you get people to do things that you want them to do without them knowing you’re doing it to them they nudge and I’ve told you for years first comes nudge then comes what shove and then if it doesn’t stop there if you still won’t do what they say it ends in shoot well we were at nudge back in the early 2000s we’re in shove and I’m afraid we’re getting closer and closer to shoot why because you will not comply you don’t understand and so you become dangerous to the elite and to their plans so now they’ve gone from behavioral scientists to now we have just discovered that with five eyes that’s the collective agencies all around the world that do intelligence they are spying on you in a public private private partnership with our intelligence agencies they have been turned on you and not because they think you’re really a terrorist you are a terrorist to them because they believe all these things and they can get rich off of all of these things they’ll be the Rancher you’ll be the cattle so they had Behavioral Science but that wasn’t enough now with AI we’ve entered the era of cognitive security where they know exactly because of AI what you think who you talk to and how to change your mind that is currently being done by the Elites in this Administration in this government and governments all around the Western World I shouldn’t say that let’s not leave China out of that let’s talk about AI for just a second it’s going to be smarter than any human on the planet that has ever lived it will be everywhere it will watch everything they in their arrogance think they can build this Tower to the sky which will make them Gods but I have a great fear that it doesn’t always end the way arrogant people think it ends but I was just talking to somebody about energy um uh the other day and I was talking to these people that are way smarter than I am it was a room full of a bunch of energy experts and I learned a lot and one that was that by will take energy I don’t know if you know this but we’re already close to Rolling blackouts and by the way you’re not seeing it yet but God help us if we can’t turn this around in the next lection because the impact and we can go to ration Gas and energy 25% just because of AI and they’re still pushing electric cars which they know we cannot power why because when this all happens wherever you are is where you will remain because you’re dangerous and they know it so you’re dangerous uh and you know worried about you know the um weaponizing of the doj and FBI well isn’t that what happened on January 6th isn’t that what happened to the pro-life people why are they doing these things why are they saying if you’re against the Border you’re a terrorist you’re a d you’re a dangerous evil Maga person why are people like me who you check my record against the record of anybody in the Biden Administration who who is telling the truth I don’t I don’t need to beat my own chest you see it now was ESG a conspiracy theory was the world economic Forum a conspiracy theory uh is cbdc a conspiracy theory is inflation a conspiracy theory is open borders and terrorists coming across our country a conspiracy theory you answer I mean I’ve got a hundred of these things where they said you got to be silenced you got to be stopped you’re part of the problem that have all turned out to be right so why are people like me and there’s a ton of us that are just trying to find the truth why are we silenced for the same reason you are being frightened and here’s what’s crazy they’re not only frightening trying to frighten us but they also need to frighten the Democrats they have to shut them down from thinking so all they see is Hitler is coming he’s going to make a he’s going to make a uh a dictatorship I got news for you if if Donald Trump tried to become a dict dictator half of the country that didn’t vote for him and probably at least a third of those who did would stand up and say uh no thank you but you don’t see what’s actually happening here the left doesn’t see it the marxists think it’s great but the Democrats don’t see it because they’re so freaked out they have them scared they have you scared so you become a useful idiot and they hope that you will go and uh do something crazy we are entering the most dangerous phase of this because you are winning you are winning they are terrified of you you don’t believe me go watch the wef watch it from 2 years ago to this year they are terrified and they’re all about cognitive security making sure that you don’t find out the truth until it’s too late but something is happening that the behavioral scientists should have seen coming and you’re seeing it in the split between men and women they say there’s no difference between the Sexes but there is no matter how much they deny it women are nurturers not always but generally speaking they’re the mothers the nurturing side comes out the kindness they’re nurses not all the time but generally speaking they have the nursing kind of uh spirit guys are protectors not always but generally speaking we are the hunters the gatherers the ones who are I go protect family and the women are the ones who nurture so guys have this ability built into them no matter what’s going on to sometimes be able to sense and feel something’s wrong I got to me go out front the cave look something not right me got got you oh I just both of them are important not to diminish either side or call either side crazy or wrong we work best when we come together but have you seen the polls of young men and young women women are more radical than ever before they’re into all of this you know there are to call you you a bush because you tell me you’re a mulberry bush they’re into all of that why it’s their nature where are the young guys the generation coming up where are they they’re more conservative than me so you want to know why they are making men and particularly white men but all men into danger if they don’t agree that I can have a baby why because we are becoming the younger generation is becoming a conservative generation more conservative than I think Reagan more conservative than me they’re very conservative the women are not the boys are why because in the end when you boil it all down we are all cavemen or we have at least millions of years of going from caveman to where we are here that it’s all in our DNA that’s why they have to silence men they have to defang men they have to get them so they stand around and go I know wrong but I want to be with wife um being an alpha male is not being the toughest guy on the Block being an alpha man an alpha male is one who will stand up and first do right do no wrong protect defend warn alpha male is not the guy who’s the biggest toughest bully on the Block and if that’s the way you define alpha male then I don’t I mean nobody’s ever accusing me of being alpha male but I don’t ever want to be around alpha males those are bullies I just wanted to give you some hope recognize who you are recognize the time you live in recognize that you were chosen to live at this time in this place recognize your strength recognize that while they might want to destroy and they are pushing you nudge nudge shove shove they want you to strike out out if you know that and you know their plan and you have things that are coming up like Supreme Court uh cases on the border and governors and others that are standing up you let the entire thing play out and you just stand there knowingly oh is that what you think of us yeah too bad I probably won’t be dating for a little while until this Insanity stops but that’s it’s okay I’m going to protect the rights not just for me but for you and her and her and her and all of our children because that’s what a real alpha male does good night

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