Fox News, Mark Levin, President Joe Biden is a Dictator

“Fox News – Mark Levin: President Joe Biden is a Dictator” features Mark Levin’s commentary, suggesting that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are using autocratic methods to maintain power and prevent Donald Trump from running in future elections. Levin argues that Biden’s actions, including issuing executive orders and defying Supreme Court decisions, are indicative of dictatorial behavior.


Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

Foxnews-Mark Levin-President Joe Biden is a Dictator
Foxnews-Mark Levin-President Joe Biden is a Dictator

He criticizes Biden for projecting onto Trump the very qualities and actions that he himself embodies.

Key points include:

  • Levin accuses Biden of using the federal government and various state actors to derail Trump’s potential candidacy, emphasizing that this effort is driven by a desire to cling to power at all costs.
  • The discussion also touches on attempts to change laws in various states to disadvantage Trump, with Levin and his guest, Leo Terrell, arguing that these efforts are part of a broader strategy to fix elections.
  • The role of mainstream media in supporting the Democratic Party’s agenda is highlighted as a significant concern, with Levin asserting that media outlets work to mislead the public about Trump’s fitness for office while claiming to protect democracy.
  • Levin criticizes Biden for his immigration policies and defiance of Supreme Court decisions, labeling him a dictator who undermines law and order while claiming to uphold democratic principles.

Overall, the segment portrays the Democratic Party as an authoritarian movement that misuses power for political gain, with a particular focus on the alleged manipulation of legal and media systems to suppress political opposition.

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