The Mark Levin Breakdown of Joe Biden’s Classified Document Saga

A segment of “Life, Liberty, & Levin” on Fox News, where Mark Levin discusses a report related to Joe Biden’s handling of classified materials. Levin criticizes the report for its conclusion that despite evidence of Biden willfully retaining and disclosing classified materials after his vice presidency, the evidence does not establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Levin highlights multiple instances cited in the report where Biden had classified documents in unauthorized locations, including his home, and shared classified information with a ghostwriter.


Key points include:

  • The report’s claim of multiple violations of the Espionage Act by Biden, with evidence of him retaining and disclosing classified documents and notes, including during conversations with his ghostwriter.
  • Levin criticizes the report for suggesting that Biden’s actions did not warrant prosecution due to doubts about his intent and the likelihood of establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Levin contrasts the treatment of Biden with that of other political figures, suggesting a double standard in the application of the law and accusing the report of covering up Biden’s misconduct.
  • The segment underscores Levin’s view that Biden’s actions, as detailed in the report, were far more severe than other cases, including those involving Donald Trump, and criticizes the decision not to prosecute as a cover-up.

Levin’s commentary is highly critical of both the findings of the report and the decision-making process behind the lack of charges against Biden, framing it as evidence of a systemic bias and a failure to uphold the law.

Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

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