Mark Levin on Trump’s Conviction: A Call for Supreme Court Intervention to Protect Electoral Integrity

In this Fox News segment, Mark Levin discusses the unprecedented legal and political ramifications of Donald Trump’s conviction. Levin criticizes the Democrat Party for what he perceives as the destruction of the electoral system, citing the criminalization of previously legitimate political actions and free speech by special counsel Jack Smith. He argues that the trial was akin to a “Stalinist-like show trial,” lacking clear legal predicates and fair jury instructions.

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Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

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Levin highlights his experience as a litigator and the importance of pursuing every legal avenue to challenge the conviction, emphasizing the necessity of taking the case to the Supreme Court. He asserts that the current legal actions are aimed at influencing the presidential election and undermining the constitutional rights of candidates and voters.

He points out that the timing of the trial, smack in the middle of an election cycle, exacerbates its impact, arguing that the New York judiciary cannot be allowed to set national precedents. Levin calls for creative and substantive legal strategies to expedite the appeal process and potentially involve the Supreme Court, drawing parallels to the Bush v. Gore case where the Court intervened due to unequal treatment of voters.

Throughout the segment, Levin conveys a sense of urgency and the high stakes involved, urging legal advocates to act decisively to protect the integrity of the election and the rule of law.

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