American Cannon from Palo Alto Battlefield

Palo Alto Battlefield Museum post back in January 2020, I captured the video sequence of an American Cannon on display in front of the museum entrance. I decided to create a 3D model based on photogrammetry. I tried several photogrammetry software and found success on open source software COLMAP, CloudCompare, and Potree. My first attempt…

Memorial Day 2020

This year’s Memorial Day weekend, I went back to South Texas to Harlingen, Texas to not only visit my family but take my sons to see the Iwo Jima Memorial in Marines Military Academy.

Please Return, TV Sign Off

Back when I was a kid and “Internet” was someone innovation idea somewhere, TV stations would have American sign offs. Thought I bring one of these into this blog. I would mind looking for an upto update video. Search is on.

Leading to Memorial Day

While working on other projects, I took some time to take some video and images of veterans tombstones and flags. Recently I have found that there is a Texas historical marker for Abston Cemetery at Lavon, Texas. A small plot of land was set aside as a family burial ground. John Abston (1761-1856), a soldier…