Ben Franklin Documentary

This video post in YouTube goes into extreme detials of President Benejamin Franklin. See it, let us know what you think. YouTube video Published on May 28, 2018 This post is for research and review of content. We are researching the making of a patriot. Him and him and him and him and him and…

D-Day in Colour: Reliving the Heroic Invasion of Normandy

In this documentary, “D-Day in Colour: June 6th 1944 – The Light of Dawn,” the events of D-Day are recounted in vivid detail, providing a comprehensive view from both the Allied and German perspectives. The film begins with the massive preparations and the historic invasion on June 6, 1944, where 130,000 Allied troops crossed the…

The American Revolution

A documentary Youtube video posted by DocSpot channel. It has 3 episodes with almost 9 hours of footage. Lets us know you thoughts. Maybe a video that should be videos.

A Story of America

A Youtube channel which likes uploading documentary content. DocSpot is the uploader. I was reviewing and cannot say that I have seen it before.